Thursday, February 25, 2010


It´s been a long week, well actually longer than that now. Justin started feeling sick Sat. Feb. 13th, I thought it was just from lack of sleep from Super Saturday, but by Sunday night he was full fledged cold.
He took Tuesday off work and then we had a snow day on Wednesday...and that´s when I started feeling crappy. We both worked through it till the end of the work week, but by Sunday morning Justin got too sick.
His symptoms: stuffed up, really bad cough, headache, ear infection, soreness and deliriousness. Seeing as we just moved and do not have a family doctor we went over to the ER to wait 4 1/2 hours for Justin to see a doctor...conclusion...(drum roll) He has bronchitis, and gets to be on antibiotics. No big deal.
So he´s now been off work Mon., Tues., & Wed. He went back to work today, so hopefully he starts feeling better soon cause so far he still has most of his symptoms. Even though I´m still sick, as all wives know, that means nothing, it´s just like having a child at home, you must push through it. Ordering Pizza instead of making supper though definitely helped.